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Sunkist Building


Since it was constructed in 1970, the iconic office building has stood in Sherman Oaks as a symbol of the citrus industry in the San Fernando Valley. Once the headquarters of the Sunkist™ brand, the building was designed in the Brutalist style by the renowned Los Angeles architect group, A. C. Martin and Associates. The recessed windows and reinforced concrete structure creates an inverted pyramid style that is reminiscent of a citrus crate, and pays homage to the historic company’s place in the San Fernando Valley.

After 35 years, the headquarters moved from 707 West Fifth Street in Downtown Los Angeles to the Sherman Oaks location to expand the corporate office. The Los Angeles site would later be demolished in 1972. The Sherman Oaks location was significant to the company because the San Fernando Valley was at one time a huge citrus producing area that had disappeared by the time the corporate headquarters was moved. The Sunkist™ name hoped to reinvigorate the then over 80-year history of citrus in the western United States with its renowned name. The Sherman Oaks office represents the tenth corporate office of Sunkist™ since the founding in 1893 and marks the optimism that came with the citrus industry in the ‘70s. The Brutalist structure was built by the same construction company, William Simpson Construction Co., who had previously constructed the Downtown location 35 years before.

At the heart of the Citrus Commons, the office building will be preserved and will have fresh finishes in the lobby and a reimagined interior courtyard. The architecture of the Sunkist™ office building blends seamlessly with the new mixed-use community design by Johnson Fain with subtle allusions to the citrus industry. The enhancement of this iconic office building represents one of the largest historic preservation projects in the San Fernando Valley and will remain a symbol of the industry that was once the heart of the Sherman Oaks community.